A Few Tracks

by Budde's Tag

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released December 10, 2016




Budde's Tag Dubuque, Iowa

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Track Name: Ed Skidard (original version)
I rearranged my room
so i can not see you
sitting where you used to
where we talked about the things
we used to talk about those words hang around like scenery
you haunt my bed frame, my window sill, my sheets.

i still hear you in my head when it rains
you ask to put on classical
i beg you to stay

so i turned all of my mirrors away
so that i dont have to get another look at my face
so i went to all my windows and i brought the blinds low
so i dont have to see the sun, just let me know when it snows

i should have let you be
(i should have left you alone)
six months was not enough for me
(i should have left you alone)
there's something wrong with me
(i should have left you alone)
I should have let you be
i should have left you..
Track Name: Parents
Freshman year. she said, "do you mid if i sit here?"
I said, "no." I said "no."
in my head i was like "yeah" in my head i'm like "hell yeah"
look at me and look at her, but my luck could not be worse.

Now you've gone away, you're in college out of state
and your parents never gave me, that number i asked for.
now you've gone away and i never see your license plate
on cars in front of me, anymore.

i still park my car in those spots that we used to
and talk to myself about things that we used to do.
something, you said something about city lights for two.
darling, those lights weren't for you.

now you've gone away you're in college out of state
and your parents never gave me that number i asked for
now you've gone away and i never see your face
do you remember my name when you're passed out on the floor?

i find myself sitting in my backyard where i hid from parents with you where both of us spent our youth.
Track Name: Setback
I used to be romantic
but now im always anxious
the thought of holding hands with someone else
i think i need some help
can you give me some help

i know how this ends
i know where ill be
we will not be friends
you'll be far from me
distance me from my surroundings

cause i know how this sounding
like ive come unwound again
i need a friend i need some help
i need a song to sing

ten bruises
you all came from new abuses
counting bruises